How To Manage Your Hotel Table To Earn A Good Tip.

Hotel servers can make some good cash from their work. However, the job requires a little bit of patience and being humble. You can get home with a lot of money on daily basis from tips. Tips can even be more than your weekly wages. You can even make more money from your table than your work mate make from their tables. Imagine making some dollars from your table simply because you acted well to your clients. Below are ideas that will make you a good server thus earning some good tip from your clients.

You should first create a good experience. You don’t have to have studied catering in order to have an experience in the hospitality industry. Reading your clients behavior can earn you some good experience. On your first days of work, don’t be fast in making decisions when talking to your customers. Looking at the way your customers react, you can get enough experience. Anyway, the working environment will matter a lot, even professionals in the field might require another experience when they get to a new hotel. You can learn the terms used to refer to certain meals, say you are working in a steak house in NY, you should know the different names that refer to different steaks.

The other concept you should posses is being knowledgeable. All areas require one to have knowledge in the jobs done. Its not prudent when dinners come to hotel and don’t have an idea of a certain meal they are requesting for. Know the different areas of the kitchen too. Knowing this involves knowing how your food is prepared. You should also know whether you use a gas cooker or make your steak using a fire grill.

Third, you should be very attentive. Being attentive involves close monitoring of your table. Make sure you monitor your table when there are no customers to avoid inconveniencing your clients. You should notice when the menu is not in the table so that customers don’t wait for long to order some food. customers should not sit on the table just wait for the menu. Being attentive to them will make you get a huge tip from them. They can reward your generosity to them.

Also, make sure you deploy a nice pace that will enable you to know you will interact with the clients. If you study your clients well, you know the pace in which you will use for every case. You can know the pace at which you will serve your customers by listening to their first words that they say to you. Some clients might require one to prepare food to a certain level. Through this, you will get to know the rate at which you are going to serve them and also know how to approach them.