I went to a basketball game with my friends last week, and while I was there, I made a bet on the betting web sites for the team that I wanted to win. It was a little funny betting on a game while at the game, but I liked the idea that I could do it. It’s all thanks to technology that I’m able to do something like that. Back in the days before everyone had a cell phone that could use a wireless connection to connect to the Internet, they had to make bets the old fashioned way, which was a lot more time consuming and tedious. Now I can just tap my phone screen a few times and I’m all set for the game.

As the team that I bet on scored baskets, I cheered as if I was on the team myself. The sports arena would play funny music each time the teams scored. I could always hear the music when I was watching the games at home, but it was always a bit muffled. When at the arena, seeing the game in person, the music is clearer and really gets you into the game. Of course, making bets on the game also gets you into it.

While at the game, I got some popcorn and was eating it so fast because I was nervous about how the game would end. Sometimes the team I bet on was in the lead, and other times the opposing team would pull ahead. The game went into overtime, and everyone was on the edge of their seats. It was a nail biter of a game, and the final score came down to one basket. One of the players of the team that I bet on scored a three point shot, winning the game for us.