When a person wants to get more creative with custom gifts but doesn’t know where to start, there are blogs such as With love from Lou. These fun blogs think up great gift ideas and then find products to review for that theme. For instance, Easter gifts is a current focus for this blog. Readers are encouraged to go beyond the ho-hum Easter eggs to more creative gift ideas such as baskets and gift tokens. Easter gifts can be for adult friends and family as well as children.


People can choose to give Easter themed T-shirts, onesies, and other clothing items for Easter. The trick is to get items that can be worn year round not just for the day. A little forethought can widen the clothing possibilities. Offer to shop early for an Easter outfit, hat, shoes or another item. Buy for the summer and consider bathing suits, T-shirts and shorts, sun hats, or summer nighties. These items can be combined with one special chocolate egg or a small bag of jelly beans.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are not just for Christmas or weddings. The gift baskets are available online in many different themes. A person can choose from gift baskets full of coffee or tea makings, an extravagant bath assortment, An assortment of Easter theme books for a child or an adult. A basket of craft or art supplies can start a person on a great new path. A basket with baking utensils and a cookbook can lead to a lifelong love of cooking. Gift baskets can go so many ways with unique ideas and products.

Of course, the traditional Easter baskets are available too. But make that Easter basket contain a little candy with a lot of other things a child will enjoy to cut down on sugar intake. A basket can be a combination of books, games, candy, and gift tokens. Gift tokens can make Easter last for months with one gift token to be used each week or each month. Gift tokens can be from a specific store or to be filled out by the gift giver. Go to the website for more fun information.