Some Important Things to Know About Dairy Queen

You may be living under a rock when you are not able to visit Dairy Queen during your childhood days to enjoy their hot fudge sundae or the soft-serve cone. Surely, this is one beloved sweets shop and this is certainly for a great reason. The different treats that they are offering like the classic Dilly bar, their banana split and also their Blizzards are surely enough that you would like to revisit the place again and again. But, you have to know the many histories behind Dairy Queen.

The fantastic recipe of Dairy Queen started in 1938. The original recipe for DQ’s soft-serve ice cream was made at this time. But, it was only two years after that they opened the first DQ store which is still a city-designated landmark.

When it comes to the name, the first store was named Dairy Queen since the man who created that soft-serve said that this particular creation would be the queen among those dairy products. Blizzard was then invented in the year 1985. This became very popular back then that Dairy Queen actually sold around 175 million blizzards during the first year alone. Now, you will be able to select from so many flavors.

You must also be aware that DQ comes with that special blizzard that was made for royalty. Also, you need to know that the soft-serve has been trademarked as well. The curly-Q on your cone or cup is actually considered as a signature Dairy Queen and this is really a part of the trademark look of DQ.

Well, with the popularity of Dairy Queen, this can now be found in more than 30 countries. When you wish to travel, then you need to know that there are more than 6,000 shopes which you can visit in Mexico, Canada, US, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

You should always remember that under that cup or cone, you are not having an ice cream. As what the company is saying, such DQ brand soft-serve doesn’t actually qualify to be referred to as ice cream. Well, the butterfat content of an ice cream is 10 percent but you must know that the soft-serve from DQ only comes with five percent of butterfat.

If you are not able to try DQ foods yet, then you have to make sure that you are able to experience their menu during your travel. You won’t definitely regret it when you would visit the place and try their food. You must be aware that there are various choices that you can surely find in their menu and such are great for your taste preferences.

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