The Trend in Virtual Reality

Few years had passed since the time HTC has introduced the first high-end VR headset, the HTC Vive. Since then, the world has seen rise in cryptocurrency-inflated prices of hardware, Rift, entrance of Microsoft and at the same time, humble beginnings of Virtual Reality e-sports leagues. And while it is true that the platform and the medium for this device hasn’t boomed yet, it doesn’t stop educators and entertainers to have continued investment and steady growth. The world of VR has become so wide and vast that many materials in the VR world can be used in completing quests from a skillet, keyboard and everything you can think of.

Well from the get-go, Oculus Rift is lagging behind HTC Vive. Not only that their launch has been filled with delays to get them out of the public for almost a full year, Oculus refused to admit the dominance of room scale VR experiences and instead, opted for stationary or seated experiences. Gradually, Oculus has integrated room-scale, motion controls grabbing items while in the VR world like a skillet and lastly, major price drop to compete with HTC’s market share in the VR world.

Every month, Steam is conducting hardware survey to be able to measure the current trends in PC component market. And the result is not really a surprise that the Vive overshadows the Rift in relation to market share and sales.

Prior to VRChat, there was the RecRoom or a social VR experience intended for Oculus, PSVR and Steam to which players can play laser tag, dodgeball and so on while playing on a quest together. The game has this cartoony and nostalgic high school motif and as for the players, they have narrow controls of the content available.

The trend has changed all thanks to VRChat as this pushed social game of same platform to adapt and to compete. RecRoom has added player created rooms module recently to let players create mockup of cities, build castles, create their own quests, make weapons from a skillet and a lot more. If RecRoom would stay true to its formula, it’ll be considered the best. It has developed huge paintball and laser tag arenas, write entertaining quests where it’s nearly impossible to win without friends and kept enforcing community behavior instead of other social platforms.

There is actually a new quest that was introduced and this is the Isle of Lost Skulls. Here, you are a pirate that is trapped inside a cell and your first mission is to find out how you can break out of your cell. You have to make use of everything around you to beat the skeletons that keep you as prisoner. Oftentimes, this means that you have to get a skillet or broom to hit skeletons on the head. You read it right, you need to use a skillet to break free.

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