Vietnam: A Multicultural Destination in Southeast Asia

In Asia, Vietnam is listed as one of the countries that are frequented by travelers. In fact, the country is among the best jump-off points when planning to tour the continent. There are a lot of provinces in the country and each of these provinces hold a unique treasure that would surely tickle the fancy of every traveler.

Russian, French, and Chinese are among the most prevalent influences that can be experienced in the country. Here’s are some of the famous places that any traveler should never miss out when visiting the country.

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Min is the country’s largest city and is the home to the world famous Cu Chi Tunnels which is a huge network of underground tunnels. You can experience crawling inside one of these tunnels when you book a tour in one of the tour sites in the country.

This website can arrange your city tour so you can experience the best of Vietnam after you have visited the tunnels. Other than the Cu Chi Tunnels, you should always take the opportunity to see the War Remnants Museum and see what happened to Vietnam during and after the war.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is in the North-eastern area of Vietnam and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The natural rock formations in the area remain unaffected by humans. Ha Long Bay is one of the most prominent attractions in the country.

Ha Long Bay has more than 1600 islands that are mostly uninhabited. You can go on a tour in a catamaran when you and see the rock formations by using the websites of travel agencies.


Listed as one of the most-preserved ancient capitals, Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital. French-colonial architectures are visible around the city and it continues to take pride of its delicious Vietnamese food.

The region is brimming with life as it also has a very vibrant nightlife. Other than experiencing the hospitality of the Vietnamese people, one can also dance the night away with them.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang will always make it to the list of the world’s best and famous diving spots. The town is famous for its seaside resorts that are bordered by mountain ranges on the other side. Additionally, the place is famous for its mud baths and watersports activities.

Vietnam is a country that is not only inexpensive, but is also full of beautiful surprises. The places above definitely go to the list of must-see places in Vietnam. You can marvel at the beauty of these places when you book a tour in this website.