a Guide on Leaving the Beach Behind

Australia is home to a coastline that is estimated to be beyond 30,000 miles. Interesting to note, the state is home to about 10,685 beaches that are available for people to have much fun. For people that opt to enjoy themselves in the serene white sand or in the windswept shores of the western part of the state, no need to worry as there is something for each person. If you are looking to have some quiet time and space to yourself, then you need to refrain from visiting the most popular beaches during the high season. This is because you will struggle to have a strip of sand to call yours as there are many people struggling to enjoy the beach as well. Therefore, for fulfillment and satisfaction during your trip, see to it that you embrace areas that have unique features. Some of these areas are not known by the local people. This guideline will help you to realize the benefits of leaving the beach behind.

It is evident that you will enjoy the benefits of infinity and much more. By visiting the Kakadu National Park, you will be able to swim in the Gunlom plunge which is found at the end of the waterfalls. The site is simply spectacular to set your eyes on. At the southern part of the park lies the panoramic site which borders the Falls Walk path. At the same time, you will come across the infinity swimming pool that is created by nature itself.

If you are looking to find recreational facilities, find your way to Lake Macquarie. The lake is one of the largest saltwater lakes in the area. For any person that is looking to go for a holiday where they will enjoy all types of outdoor activities, a visit to Lake Macquarie will come in quite handy. You and your loved ones will enjoy water skiing, cycling and nature walks. At the end of the day’s activities, you will feel much more refreshed and energized. There are also numerous museums and galleries for you to visit while at the location. Lake Macquarie is only a short drive to the north of Hornsby town, and you will get to enjoy Ingenia Holidays style accommodation to suit your needs and preferences.

A great phenomenon is the figure 8 pools that are located at the heart of Sydney Royal National Park. The pool was formed when two sinkholes joined together and created one pool. Don’t be fooled by the many photos of the site that might have you thinking it is easy to get to the pool. Contacting the Bureau of Meteorology will come handy in enabling you to know the right time to visit the site.