A Guide to Leasing Land for Antennas

Compared to the decades before, currently, the telecommunication industry is experiencing tremendous growth. The root cause of the changes is the emergence of technology which has revolutionized many things raising a lot of requirement for the industry and therefore facing both challenges and benefits of the technology. For instance, nowadays there is the need to supply wireless services to the people as they also enjoy new technology. There are many ways of supplying wireless services to the people especially by installing antennas. However, one of the greatest challenge the company may face when they want to provide such services is the place to install the antennas. As the landowner, you have the opportunity to benefit from leasing your property to the telecommunication company and you can go to seek for the opportunity but they can also seek the opportunity from you. The following are some tips to renting land for antenna installation.

It is important to understand the circumstances surrounding the whole process because it is a lease meaning that it is a contract. In the setting of a contract, you are leasing a piece of land and not selling it permanently, there are certain conditions that must be followed which is both for your sake and the sake of the company. The conditions are so many when it comes to leasing a land for telecommunication purposes and it is important to understand the type of lease that the company want. Whether you have worked with the telecommunication company before or it is your first time, it is important to engage professionals because the market change and therefore the need for fresh ideas and to avoid making big mistakes when it comes to the contract, it is always advisable that you engage such companies for professional advice. You can also equip yourself with important information when it comes to dealing with telecommunication companies although you may not get helpful information therefore the need for additional advice from professional companies.

As you seek professional advice, it is also important to understand the dynamics that come with the pricing of your properties to the telecommunication company. When it comes to the pricing of your properties, there is the market fair value but also it is important to understand that many factors contribute to the pricing of your land. Location is one of the important factors that influence the amount of money you will get for your properties for instance if it is a densely populated, the demand is high for the services and therefore you can price the land at a higher rate. Another factor that is likely to affect the pricing of the land is the type of lease that is whether rooftop leases which vary with ground leases. The mode of payment is another important thing to understand when it comes to signing the contract with the telecommunication company, for instance, it is important to understand if the payment will be made annually or monthly, with interest rates or no interest-rate.

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